[YUN] Cash Only Short Sleeve Tee

I cannot find the short sleeved online, but you can buy the long sleeved version here. $49.00.

[YUN] Big Camo Red Snake

Looking cute as ever in this strapback, Yun is sporting a Big Camo Red Snake by Hater. $48.99, 1 left in stock.

[YUN] 79 Black Mesh Shirt & Boy London Beanie


Yun wore this outfit in a selca on 22 January, 2014. The top is a ‘79 Black Mesh Shirt’ from TOPMAN, while the beanie is a ‘Boy London Patch Beanie’. Both are currently sold out.

[TEO] Tie Dyed Jungle Snake Skin

imageI believe Teo wore this hat while Lunafly were on their Mexico tour. Tie Dyed Jungle Snake Skin by Hater. $48.99, out of stock. (credit to Generacion KPOP for the photo!)

[YUN] Flannel Teal Snake Brim

Not sure if you’re wearing this properly, Yun. This is a Flannel Teal Snake Brim strapback by Hater. $48.99, 1 left in stock.

[SAM] Hip Hop ‘Monkey Skull’ Snapback

Sam showing off his medal in a Monkey Skull snapback in black, which can be found on Ebay. $17.90, 2 in stock.

[YUN] One Of A Kind Shirt

Worn by the Big Bang fanboy, Yun, in Lunafly’s ‘With You’ cover, this shirt can be bought here.

finallyeven: do you have the link to the video that you just gifed? where sam's speaking in english and the other members are imitating his gestures?

sorry for the late reply! here you go: [x]

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